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Occupational Therapy Services


Initial Assessment at Home and School

We have an extensive range of Occupational Therapy assessments both standardised and non-standardised to assist identification of difficulties in activities of daily living, such as self-care skills, social skills, play skills or leisure activities.


Initial Assessment are comprehensive and we recommend a report be completed following the assessment to summarise the findings and recommendations. 

School-Based Services

School-based services covers the Occupational Therapist attending day-cares, pre-schools, private and public primary and hIgh schools to provide, assessment, consultation, observation, and team collaboration with staff, families and children. 


The Occupational Therapist is able to train staff that work directly with the child, as well as the child, in the school environment. This ensurs the most holistic approach, and cost effective Occupational Therapy program possible is recieved by the child where they need it.  

Group Therapy

Our Occupational Therapist is trained to work with groups including:


  • Expanding Diets through Sensory Based Play 

  • Music Groups focused on Gross Motor Skill Development, Social Skills and Pre-school Literacy and Numeracy Skills/Concepts (Early Learning Framwork).

  • School Readiness Group using the evidence based Handwriting Without Tears Program and other useful strategies.

  • Handwriting Without Tears Primary School Program

Home-Based Services

Here at Harpers Health we are able to offer home visits on a regular and flexible basis for individual therapy, initial assessment, or we can visit you as a one off consultancy style visit to help set up strategies or equipment in your home environment.


Home visits do cost more depending on the distance, tools and equipment that may be needed by the therapist. 


The Psychologist can also attned home visits when required.

Preschool and Primary School Screening

The Occupational Therapist is able to attend pre-school and Primary School to complete a 30 minute screen on up to 8 children per day (one on one). This service includes a summary that is provided to the school and parent with recommendations for further assessment, or simple at home activities that may need further development. Screening prices start from $50 per child. 


Following screening, if need arises, group therapy may be able to be arranged at school, or in the Harpers Health clinic with the Occupational Therapist. 

Training and Education

Harpers Health can individually tailor an inservice to meet your specific need, in terms of age range, parent or professional, school or preschool.


Our Occupational Therapist can present on a wide range of topics related to child development, and other areas of interest. School Readiness is one of our keen areas of interest and informative presentations are ready to go NOW!


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