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Trent Harper - Principal Psychologist


Trent is a Registered Psychologist who has worked with children, adolescents, and adults. 


He has worked with young people for around 13 years with experience in support work, case management, and currently as a counseling psychologist. 


Trent is a calm, focused, and highly individualistic psychologist. He firmly believes no one is the same and that each person’s situation and goals and strengths need to be carefully taken into consideration when working with people toward their goals.


He is trained in a number of therapies and is passionate about you living your life the way you want. He loves his family and friends, a good quote, loud music, is infatuated by cars, and likes to be creative. If there is something that you are keen to do there is a good chance that Trent will help you to do it. 

If you are interested in seeing Trent please contact the clinic to arrange an initial consultation.  



Alexandra Harper - Team Leader Occupational Therapist


Alex is our Lead OT. Alex is a continual wealth of knowledge, never afraid of a challenge, always supporting others to achieve what is most important to them. Alex adores working holistically with infants, children, tween, teens, and their families.  Alexandra has experience in the community and private sectors as a pediatric therapist. 


Alex enjoys working with families towards functional goals that impact their engagement and participation in activities they want to do or need to do in their lives. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, walking and playing with her dog, reading trashy novels, and having fun daily.


Alex uses a strengths-focused approach to therapy and like Trent shares a passion for helping others in a way that is meaningful (and sometimes creative) to suit the individual. 


If you are interested in seeing Alex please contact the clinic to arrange an initial consultation.











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