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Why a sensory shop?


We all have senses, our most common ones like sight, smell, touch, taste and sound are constantly interacting with the world. We rely on our senses to be the things that connect us to the world thus making them extremely important. 


Sometimes people can have processing difficulties with their senses that can make it hard for them to feel relaxed and comfortable within different environments.


These products aim to help people do just that, to help people feel relaxed and comfortable so that they can do what they want.


For a bit of advice around what may be useful for you check out some of the descriptions written below by our Occupational Therapist Alex.


So many therapists recommend tools, and things you can use to relax and feel calm. We wanted to go one step further and be able to provide these things to you at a good price, conveniently and with confidence. 


Please check product availablility in the clinic by calling us on (02) 40403043.


Suppliers we love to use and often direct families to for certain products are:


Nana's Weighted Blankets


Pencil Grips Plus


Hart Sport

Shear Ability


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